Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello and welcome to my World of Warcraft blog site.  I am Rubyheart and I play a Night Elf Hunter on the Nesingwary server.  Now, I'm a gambler at heart, and it's always good to know the odds of the game your playing.  With this blog I hope to get an accurate set of odds for getting the various Fortune Cards obtained when flipping a Mysterious Fortune Card, or eating a Fortune Cookie.  So far I've flipped 703 cards, and haven't seen any epic cards. I have an addon that automatically tracks my flips, commissioned by me and written mostly by Magss, with lots of support from Coonster for the vendor button. I'll post a link to it to download after I upload it to Curse in the next few days.

Here's my findings so far:

<br /> Google Visualization API Sample<br />

Good luck!

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