Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 8

Here's my info up maintenance on Nov 8th. 938 cards flipped. The "Other" heading is one of the 200g cards, the percentage is apparently so small that it won't show on the graph yet. Still no epic cards. The addon I use to track my card flips can be found here.

<br /> Google Visualization API Sample<br />

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello and welcome to my World of Warcraft blog site.  I am Rubyheart and I play a Night Elf Hunter on the Nesingwary server.  Now, I'm a gambler at heart, and it's always good to know the odds of the game your playing.  With this blog I hope to get an accurate set of odds for getting the various Fortune Cards obtained when flipping a Mysterious Fortune Card, or eating a Fortune Cookie.  So far I've flipped 703 cards, and haven't seen any epic cards. I have an addon that automatically tracks my flips, commissioned by me and written mostly by Magss, with lots of support from Coonster for the vendor button. I'll post a link to it to download after I upload it to Curse in the next few days.

Here's my findings so far:

<br /> Google Visualization API Sample<br />

Good luck!